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The Safe Way to Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

“The Friendly Bacteria Waste Eliminator”

sink with running water going down drain

Safe for All Drains – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Throw away those poisonous drain cleaners! Bio-Clean eliminates built-up residue in your drains in a way that’s completely safe and even more effective.

Bio-Clean works by biological action to completely eliminate drain buildup. It contains the same ingredients that Mother Nature uses to break down dead plant and animal matter. This natural bacteria actually feasts on the buildup lining your drains. Bio-Clean liquifies and actually biodegrades grease, food bits, human waste, and hair. It will, with regular use, completely clean your pipes so they run clear and trouble-free.

Chemical drain openers use caustic chemicals which burn or dissolve a hole in the buildup blocking your drains. But, they provide only temporary relief and regular use can be damaging to your system.

Many Other Uses for Bio-Clean:

Bio-clean is only available through licensed contractors. Simply call our office or ask us when we’re in your home.

Septic Systems

Bio-Clean saves you money because you pump less often. Prevents drain field problems. Also, works great as a starter for new, or newly pumped, tanks. Special applications can even restore drain fields. So Bio-Clean works in your whole system- not just your tank.

Garbage Disposals

A film of food grindings can form in your disposal and cause foul odors. Bio-Clean removes this film to rid your kitchen of disposer smells. Bio-Clean is safe for all disposal parts, including the seals.

RV & Boat Holding Tanks

Why just deodorize? Bio-Clean ends odor problems; liquifies the waste for easier draining, is safe (no formaldehyde), and saves money (costs less than 25 cents per treatment).

Cat Boxes

Bio-Clean controls odors like nothing you’ve ever tried. Extends litter life. Just sprinkle a moderate coating on fresh litter. Repeat as needed.

Basement Sumps

Now there is no need to clean sumps by hand. Regular use of Bio-Clean prevents grease and slime build up. Keeps floats, pumps, and lines clean. No more pump or motor burn ups due to grease build up on floats.

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